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Working with made my job as project manager very easy: they deliver on their promises, are flexible with their approach and when there are issues they come to the table with recommendations. They were a key partner to the success of our solution. 


Shell engaged with to deliver an airline fuel planning and purchase solution that integrates multiple existing backend systems to provide a performant and feature-rich locator interface.
When providing customers with a modern, responsive site locator capable of serving customers globally, Shell faces three main challenges:

  • Presenting correct, comprehensive and current information about hundreds of aviation fuelling locations globally
  • Identifying and visualising co-located fuelling locations, where the same airfield has multiple fuelling aprons
  • Ensuring the customer-specific information is secure and only available to authorised and authenticated users


Shell Aviation produces, distributes and sells high quality aviation fuels and lubricants globally, supplying 800 airports in more than 40 countries – refuelling a plane every 12 seconds. Aviation products are supplied to airports and airlines, large and small – as well as private customers such as flying clubs and corporate jet operators.


Interface met the challenge of presenting comprehensive Shell aviation network information by building a rich customised Google Maps-based interface to integrate with Shell data provisioning systems. This presents the user with a familiar, friendly and intuitive interface to search for and find information they need.


Advanced caching techniques are built into the solution to ensure a smooth and responsive user experience. The caching uses an in-memory datastore, with objects stored per-session, and monitored to ensure old data is never served.

Layered Data met the challenge of visualising fuelling aprons co-located within the same airport by working collaboratively with Shell to generate new data elements that describe a multi-tiered location hierachy. As a result, users can drill down through an intuitive interface structure to the correct fuelling apron and relevant pricing.

Information Security met the data security challenge by implementing secure authentication within a multi-faceted security model. This approach is applied for every interaction between the user interface and underlying systems to ensure accurate information is shown to the correct user.


The new Shell Aviation fuel locator was production ready in advance of its delivery deadline. The final application provides a greatly enhanced user journey for Shell Aviation customers. It allows Shell to serve and interact with their customers via the convenience of an online portal and highlights Shell’s market leadership in the aviation industry in terms of both products and geographical availability.


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