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Amazon Location Services

Amazon Location Services

Your On-Ramp to an Entire Location Services Ecosystem


Amazon Location Services is a versatile platform designed to incorporate location-based functionalities into applications.

It provides a range of services beneficial for businesses looking to optimise operations, enhance customer experience, and improve decision-making processes. At we’ve been working with Amazon Location Services since its launch in 2021. Partnering with us, you’ll have the option to:

have us build, run and maintain a full-stack application

have us build and operate API components for your wider solution landscape

gain direct access to Amazon Location Services APIs through our API Platform

Access an entire ecosystem of location services from leading providers including HERE, Esri and Grab through a single, consistent services platform.

Building Blocks for Business

Amazon Location Services offers a comprehensive suite of tools for businesses to leverage location data effectively. Its integration with the AWS ecosystem, emphasis on privacy and security, and diverse functionalities make it a powerful asset for businesses aiming to harness the power of location intelligence in their operations and strategies.

Featured Products


Visualise location data in applications, choosing from various map styles sourced from global data providers, including Esri, Grab, and HERE, as well as Open data maps. This feature is foundational for many location-based services, allowing for a clear and informative visual representation of geographical data​​.

Amazon Location Services

Unlock the Potential of AWS with

Discover how we can integrate Amazon Location Services into your systems contact us to explore our solution components and how they can benefit your enterprise.

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