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Composite APIs

Composite APIs

Combine Building Blocks into Powerful Workflows


Linking geospatial building blocks can be a force multiplier for your location workflows.

Our API Platform delivers flexible and powerful options for integrating geospatial functionalities into one cohesive solution component. By blending building block APIs, we create tailored solutions that slot into your business’s existing workflows and technology landscape.

Key Features

Tailored to Business Needs

Custom combinations of APIs to address specific business functions.

High Performance and Reliability

Ensuring each composite API operates at peak efficiency and reliability.


We ensure API combinations operate within the terms of use of the underlying component providers

Alerting and Observability

Observability tools and usage dashboards via our API platform.

Composite APIs

Unlock Endless Possibilities with

Example Use Cases

Geocoding + Matrix Routing for the daily scheduling of site visits

Address Validation + Reverse Geocoding for region-based market segmentation

Nearby Search + Advanced Routing + Geofencing for catchment reporting of amenities around a site

Truck Routing + Route Optimisation + Geofencing to identify live freight brokerage opportunities

Geocoding + Environment to rank potential acquisitions by air quality and solar potential

Crafting the Perfect API Blend for Your Business

Bespoke Solutions for Unique Challenges

Create solutions specifically designed for your unique business needs. Whether it's integrating address validation with advanced routing for logistics or combining place search with environmental data for urban planning, we deploy each workflow to your specifications.

Composite APIs
Composite APIs

Seamless Integration and Compatibility

We ensure API combinations integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. This approach minimises switching cost and maximises compatibility, allowing you to adopt new functionalities without overhauling your current technical infrastructure.

Scalable and Adaptable Solutions

Composite API's remain as scalable and adaptable as their components, growing with your business and evolving with your changing needs. They are suitable for businesses of all sizes and across industries.

Composite APIs
Composite APIs

Unlock Endless Possibilities with

Combining geospatial API's offers endless possibilities. Connect with us to explore how we can create a bespoke API solution that aligns perfectly with your business.

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