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Environment APIs

Environment APIs

Empowering Sustainable Choices


Environment APIs, newly released by Google Maps Platform, offer groundbreaking tools.

These APIs provide vital data on air quality, solar energy potential, and aspects of the built environment, enabling businesses and individuals to make informed, sustainable decisions.

Key Features

Hyper-Local and Accurate Data

Up-to-date environmental information at your fingertips.

Wide Application Range

Useful for a variety of sectors including healthcare, renewable energy, urban planning, and more.

Integration with Geospatial Analysis

Combine with other geospatial data for comprehensive environmental analysis.

User-Friendly Interface

Create colourful visualisations of complex environmental data using the capabilities of Google Maps Platform.

Environment APIs

Step into a Sustainable Future with

Harnessing Environmental Data for a Greener Future

Solar Potential

Evaluate the solar energy potential of specific buildings. Get an hourly breakdown of sunlight and shade on a roof, based on year-round weather data. Create detailed installation plans using highly-accurate images of each customer’s roof.

Environment APIs
Environment APIs

Air Quality

Provide air quality data and insights that help people reduce their exposure to pollution. Display detailed information about pollution including the dominant pollutant, concentrations, sources and effects.

Insights into the Built Environment

Gather key rooftop data, like measurements, elevation, shading, and building outlines. Design solar panel arrays faster with suggested placements that focus on the sunniest parts of the roof.

Environment APIs
Environment APIs

Step into a Sustainable Future with

Embrace the power of environmental data to make a positive impact. Discover how Environment APIs can enhance your environmental awareness and decision-making processes.

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