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Google Maps Platform

Google Maps Platform

The World’s Favourite Mapping Platform


Google Maps Platform offers a powerful suite of services and APIs that let businesses incorporate mapping, location, routing and environmental data into their applications.

This platform provides scalability, easy access to location intelligence tools, multiple tracking options, global data accuracy and simple pricing. At we’ve been building solutions on Google Maps Platform since 2008. Working with us, you have the option to:

have us build, run and maintain a full-stack application

have us build and operate API components for your wider solution landscape

licence direct access to Google Maps Platform at the best rates on the market

It's not just a mapping tool but a comprehensive location intelligence platform that can transform how businesses operate and interact with customers.

Why Choose’s Location Finders?

Google Maps Platform is structured around four core products - Maps, Routes, Places and Environment - each comprising various APIs that cater to different business needs.



Maps in Google Maps Platform provide rich, detailed representations of geographic and spatial data. The APIs under Maps include:

  • Maps JavaScript API
    Create interactive Google Maps within web pages. It offers various customization options for map display and user interactions.


  • Static Maps API
    Integrate simple, non-interactive maps as images into web pages or other mediums.


  • Street View APIs
    Allows the display of Street View imagery from Google Maps as a non-interactive image or a dynamic, interactive application.


  • Maps SDK for Android and iOS
    Bring Google Maps to mobile applications, providing functionalities like map display, customization, and user interaction.


  • Maps Datasets
    Upload, store, and manage geospatial data to the Google Cloud console to use directly with Google Maps Platform APIs.


  • Map Tile APIs
    Work directly with 2D and 3D Tiles to build and customise immersive maps at scale.

Continual Evolution

Google Maps Platform is continually evolving, offering businesses sophisticated tools for mapping and location-based services. The recent addition of environmental data APIs marks a significant step in integrating sustainability into business operations and decision-making.

Google Maps Platform

Unlock the Potential of Google Maps with is a fully-accredited Google Maps Platform Partner. Discover how we can transform your use of Google Maps Platform - contact us to explore our customised licensing solutions and how they can benefit your enterprise.

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