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  • Enjoy customised store locators for your organisation
    • Updated store information displayed and tailored to your brand
  • Target customers effectively
    • Analyse consumer behaviour based on demographics
  • Help your customers find you easily with Street View
    • Engage users with local Street View imagery






  • Plan routes efficiently
    • Estimate and plan routes based on a set of criteria such as travel mode, distance, fuel consumption and more
  • View real-time traffic
    • Monitor traffic and update your drivers with any changes
  • Manage and plan logistics
    • Optimise, manage and track your assets with specialised routing






  • Model risk, pipeline and construction sites
    • Create models to improve your infrastructure and minimise risk
  • Visualise data hotspots including nearest points of interest
    • Display pertinent location data to your customers
  • Plan networks accordingly
    • Determine site surveys with demographic analysis






  • Create more accurate quotes based on location data
    • Visualise and base your quotes according to customer demographics
  • Model risk management
    • Simulate and visualise incidents to help assess potential risk
  • Target marketing
    • Assess customer behaviour by specific regions






  • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Provide information on local restaurants and hotels
  • Improve marketing with advertising and offers
    • Add targeted promotional campaigns to maps
  • Analyse customer data
    • Improve profits by analysing consumer behaviour






  • Understand your customers with Analytics
    • Improve outreach to customers with location data
  • Plan new locations for branches and ATMs
    • Evaluate new areas that fit consumer needs
  • Improve emergency response
    • Interact more easily with internal teams within your organisation


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