World Bank Mapping

An Open Data Showcase, first published 2010

The World Bank has made its data catalog API available to developers as part of its open data initiative. In response, is pleased to add this to our growing collection of visualisations that use open data.

The application below is a starting point. It uses various elements of Google’s Visualisation API to pull in more than 1,000 available data indicators and render them on an interactive map. Data sets are currently available from years 1960-2008.

To get going, select a year and click on one of the data topics listed below. A second table showing the individual data indicators available under that topic will then appear. Click on the required topic and an interactive map will be generated via a call to the World Bank API.

Please note: this API has a usage restriction of 5,000 calls per API key per day. If this limit has been reached, a message will be shown below.